water slide open webtemplate 

The water slide is now open at Doveton Pool in the park!

  • The slide will be running over Summer on days forecast 32+ (only weekends during school term)

  • It will be open between 1pm-5pm*

*Subject to change


Single ride - $2.40

Unlimited pass - $9.90


Please be aware there is a minimum and maximum height and weight restriction on patrons using the slide facility

  • Maximum height 220cm
  • Minimum height 120cm
  • Maximum weight 100kg
  • Minimum weight 35kg


  • Children under 10 must be supervised by a guardian over 16 years
  • Wait for a lifeguard to signal before approaching the waterslide
  • 1 person at a time down the water slide. NO CHAINS
  • Entry on the waterslide must be feet first lying on back
  • No run ups to the slide, start the slide in a seated position
  • Flotation devices are not permitted on the slide
  • No standing or stopping on the way down the waterslide
  • Please remove all metal objects before entering the slide
  • Patrons using slide do so at own risk

We apologise for any inconvenience, safety for our patrons is our highest priority and paramount for the continued operation of the slide.